El Gato Negro Tapas, Liverpool

This new Spanish tapas restaurant can be found in the Exchange flags building in Liverpool, looking out onto the Town Hall. With a nice frontage and heated outdoor area we headed inside on this freezing evening, opting to eat with feeling in our fingers. On Christmas market opening night I don’t know why I was surprised to find a Christmas tree inside, but I was.

The restaurant front

Myself and my husband love a tapas and always over-order. The menu recommended that we order five or six plates, but we ordered these and an additional charcuterie board. Inevitably the portions were enormous.

The charcuterie came on a board and consisted of various cured meats, cornichons, figs, goats cheese, Manchego and corn chips. The tapas then comes as it’s ready and we immediately received a bowl of spicy aubergine that we didn’t order. As it was a mistake by the waiter we were given it free of charge. Which is always nice.

Charcuterie board, with cornichons, figs, cheese and meats

We went on to enjoy sourdough bread with oil and balsamic, Jamón Ibérico croquettes, fried squid with aioli, tiger prawns with chilli, garlic and lemon butter, chargrilled sweet potatoes and my husbands favourite Patatas bravas. The waiter was kind enough to suggest we combine a few of our dishes to get the 3 for £15 offer available before 6pm, which we of course agreed to.

All of our potato tapas

Now picking my favourite of these dishes is difficult, especially as I enjoy most food. The croquettes were simply divine and the prawns were beautiful. I enjoy peeling them and sucking the heads which I discussed with a staff member who assured me that was what is traditionally done. Was nice to know I’m not a complete weirdo. I also scoffed every cornichon on the charcuterie board like a pickle munching monster.

Tiger prawns with aioli

Now after polishing off all of our plates, a young waitress offered the desert menu. I refused until she mentioned mini doughnuts. I love a doughnut, mini or otherwise. I received a plate of four doughnut balls, looking quite everyday. Then I stuck a spoon in one and squirted jam across the table. Two were packed with jam and two with chocolate. These were a naughty but exquisite way to complete our meal. What a fabulous way to end our day of Christmas shopping. Highly recommended yum!

Doughnut balls with chocolate sauce

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  1. Netty Knit says:

    Brilliant! Unexpected doughnut filling is always a bonus, fantastic read as always

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Christy says:

      Thankyou Netty, I’d go back just for them! Yummo!


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