Just Another Food Blog

So, where to begin? There are zillions of food blogs online I know, but when I sat down to start something new with my writing, trying to think of what I’m passionate about, that would give me the most joy and pleasure and what can be genuinely interesting and humorous I gravitated to one of my favourite things. Food. Grub. Scran. Nourishment. Sustenance. One of our basic human needs is my number one enjoyment. I literally love eating. If I’m not eating, I’m thinking about when I’ll next be eating and what loveliness I will be greedily cramming down my throat. My husband and I love eating out, it’s what we spend our spare time doing. If we go on holiday we are always on the lookout for where we can eat for our next meal. We have dined all over the world, from Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower to the Michelin Star restaurant Ritz Carlton in Singapore. We also love a good old fashioned home cooked meal and a naughty takeaway.

I’m not planning on writing about just one type of food, but about anything I’ve particularly enjoyed, a cuisine or restaurant I like or a good recipe I’ve tried. I am a transplant patient who’s had to stick to renal friendly diets over the years, take meds to combat salt levels as well as avoid certain things but to be perfectly honest I’ll try anything once where food is concerned. Even twice if it’s been long enough. Except sea slug. Once was one time too many 🤣

So please feel free to scroll down through my posts and have a nosey about. I’m sure you’ll find something to make you hungry! 

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