Mahiki Manchester

I had never heard of this place until a friend entered an Instagram competition to win a meal for four, tagged my sister, who then won the prize. Located on Central Street in Manchester, we cheerfully descended into a different world. A world of totems, intricate jade tiles, bamboo, Japanese and Polynesian food. It was quiet in there, a rainy Sunday evening, but the Tiki style decor was fun and inviting. We were sat in a booth and were childishly thrilled to find a ‘fancy dress box’ to one side of us. We had to hold ourselves back in order to peruse the menu.

The waitress informed us that the food was served as mini plates like tapas, and suggested three each to start with. Between the four of us we shared fifteen plates and two desserts. As an avid sushi fan I ordered two full rolls with the beautiful fillings of soft shell crab and wasabi mayo, and a dragon roll with prawns. For my third plate I stuffed down a king prawn tostada covered in fiery chilli. My companions especially enjoyed the chicken katsu bao bun, the tempura vegetables and the mini chicken burgers, and we all got to try a little of each. I might add that the truffle fries were especially tasty too!

Mini beef burgers, prawn tempura, truffle fries and sushi

Now, as we waited for our food, which arrives as it is ready, we played big kids dress up. Our treasure chest had masks, hats, props and toys which made for some hilarious pictures and memories. On Instagram somewhere there is definitely a photo of me with my head in a sharks mouth, the shark head being worn by my brother in law. There is also a fun photo opportunity in the ladies toilets that I won’t spoil for you!

At the back of the restaurant is a lounge, which on this occasion was empty but I’d imagine on a Saturday night the place is packed. With an absolutely enormous box of fancy dress items opposite the DJ booth I can only speculate at the madness that must go on after everyone has had a few too many.

Anyway, with full bellies and full photo streams we left happy and tipsy, back to reality and an early night.


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