Comptoir Libanais- A Taste of the Lebanon in Ellesmere Port

Cheshire Oaks is very local to us. We know when it’s quiet, when the bus loads of tourists have gone home and we only brave shopping there if we need something in particular. To eat in the evenings though, especially on a grim October evening can be a pleasure as there is virtually nobody there. Opposite our favourite Yo Sushi we had noticed this place few times. Opened late 2018 at this location, Comptoir Libanais specialises in Lebanese and Middle Eastern food and with large windows showcasing a bright and colourful interior, it was very inviting.

A bright and colourful place to eat

We sat in a corner by the window and were quickly offered menus by a friendly waitress. My husband does not drink alcohol and with no alcohol free beer on offer he ordered a Leymona, a fresh lemonade. I stuck to Diet Coke and had to draw my eyes away from the fascinating decor to think about what I wanted to eat. On opening the vivid booklet I was immediately drawn to the meze and we chose a platter for two, which included hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanuj , falafel, flatbread and a few other delicious things. The food came very quickly and was very tasty and well presented. 

Meze dips and tabbouleh

For mains I had a grilled chicken salad, covered in pomegranate molasses, feta and corn chips. I was happy when it arrived as a smaller portion than I had expected as the meze had filled me up. I couldn’t finish it but for a salad, it was luscious. It reminded me of salads I’d had in Turkey and Greece. My husband ordered a lamb kofta tagine as he loves anything with meatballs. This came in a tomato based sauce and his only complaint was that it wasn’t spicy. The food although enjoyable, was a little expensive for what we’d normally pay in a restaurant at Cheshire Oaks. 

Our main meals, grilled chicken salad and lamb kofta tagine

Part of the restaurant is also dedicated to selling cookbooks, baklava and other Middle Eastern trinkets and foods. No halva though unfortunately. I had a little wander before we left and that was that. A pleasant way to spend a Thursday evening with the husband. 

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