Six by Nico, Liverpool

My husband booked us into this place for lunch. I was surprised then when he informed me that it was going to be a six course lunch on a Friday afternoon. It would appear this small chain of five restaurants picks a theme, creates a six course tasting menu based around it, sticks to that theme then for six weeks, when a new theme is announced and a whole new tasting menu along with it. I absolutely adore this concept and at only £29 per person it is such good value! We arrived at the Liverpool venue to find the ‘Cooking New York’ theme was in play. The menu was fascinating to to read and whilst my hubby chose the normal menu I went for the vegetarian option

The veggie menu

To start a crispy fried doughnut stuffed with mushroom pate and covered in Swiss cheese was presented to me. It didn’t last long but wow what a taste explosion. I was excited to see what came after.

Next came Eggs Florentine for me and Eggs Benedict for him. With a crispy fried egg and greens it was a nice light course but I was incredibly envious of the husbands Hollandaise sauce!

Crispy fried doughnut

‘Little Italy’ was next and I think this was my favourite course. Hazelnut ragu, saffron pappardelle, egg yolk jam and crispy sage. This was honestly the nicest, creamiest pasta I’ve ever eaten and it was absolutely beautiful. By now I was also getting rather full even though the dishes appeared small.

‘Little Italy‘

Then came Clam and Coley Chowder for us both. Here I had chosen to swap a course out which they did for me without hesitation. I had expected soup but that is not what was brought out. A piece of fish with a potato terrine, roasted corn and a lemon gel was presented and dutifully scoffed down.

Clam and Coley chowder

The main ‘Broadway’ consisted of a celeriac risotto, broad beans, burnt leeks and whey. Now this was less to my taste and I again envied my husbands piece of steak.

For desert we both received ‘The Big Apple’. This gorgeously presented dish was a wonder to behold. A New York cheesecake encased in a red apple, surrounded by an oat and nut granola. It was a joy to crack open but boy oh boy the apples were sour. I’m normally a pudding piggy but I left quite a bit of this whilst my husband who usually shies away from deserts polished off the lot!

The ‘Big Apple’ desert

Anyway, after a full six courses we were both extremely satisfied with both the food quality, the staff friendliness and the value. I will now be keeping an eye out to see what’s on their agenda in another six weeks! We will be back, and I would recommend anyone to have a peek in to see if you fancy the menu they have on at the time! They even do wine pairing for when you’re feeling naughty yay!