Isolation Eating

As a kidney transplant patient, I have been on full lockdown since early March and am still shielding even though it officially ended August 1st.
Being a foodie, this has made sourcing beautiful food a bit tricky, as eating out has been impossible and all my local takeaways although lovely, serve mainly pizzas and kebabs.

This has all led to an increase in my little baking hobby, my home cooking as well as my online food ordering. Amazingly though I’ve hit my weight loss target. Who’d have thought hey 🤣

Anyway, normally I bake and decorate cakes and cupcakes for people’s birthdays and for special occasions. Seen as it is now just me and my hubby in the house, most of these things would go to waste. So I have instead been baking up our favourite treats as well as a few new ones, to pass the time and to lift our spirits with sugary treats. Some go to my lucky neighbours and lucky sister who have helped us by bringing milk and the occasional packet of biscuits to keep us going. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.

Mini Scones

I have made cookies of all shapes and sizes. Chocolate chip, double chocolate, peanut butter and even Biscoff. Cupcakes have come and gone in similar flavours as well as coated nuts, flapjacks and jam tarts. I obviously then ran out of flour like everyone else.

Double Chocolate Cookies

Home cooking wise we have obviously been doing much more, with fried rice dishes and pasta dishes seemingly being my forte. I began by using the Pinch of Nom recipe books (which are great by the way!) and have gone from there. The Singapore fried rice dish with which I use prawns and the Sloppy Dogs are just great great recipes. I’ve found I cook now with more ease and more confidence and my husband actually asks me to cook now and cleans his plate.

Sloppy Dogs

As regards online ordering, yes we have indulged in takeaways though have found limited menus and understaffing has led to late deliveries and greasy food, but naughtily I have found myself ordering things such as brownies, chocolate and even boxes of American and Australian goodies instead. It has been great finding new local and not so local businesses, as smaller businesses make things with such love and passion that it shows in their products.

My Box of Treats

We still can’t wait to be able to eat out again though. We have booked The Fishpool Inn for our ten year wedding anniversary at the end of August so will see how it goes from there. I’ve been able to look up and research lots of local places I’ve never seen before so I have a list of places, especially in Chester, that I want to try. Exciting!

Now even as we can’t wait to start eating out again I will continue to order things from the smaller online foodie companies too. Especially any local ones I can find, as these businesses need our support and produce such lovely, tasty things. I fear for my new waistline…..

Sweets I ordered from The Sugar Service

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