Siam Thai in Chester

Chester is a lovely city, with its abundant shops, hotels and indeed restaurants. Nestled in and around the Roman walls a day of browsing shelves can be followed with drinks by the canal and a meal on the rows. The Siam Thai and Teppanyaki can be found on City road, up from the city’s train station. It covers two floors, with the teppanyaki grill restaurant downstairs and the Thai section upstairs. Overlooking the water, we usually stay downstairs and indulge in sushi , seafood and entertainment from the chefs. However on this occasion, friends had convinced us to ‘Try the Thai’. As a genuine fan of all things edible you would think I had tried most things, but I have only eaten Thai food once or twice before. So this was going to be an experience. 

The gorgeous decor, I want it all!

Now the decor in the whole building is lovely. I want to own every elephant statue and painting in there. So it was nice to wander upstairs and see an area I have never been in before. We ordered drinks and decided upon Set Menu C at £36.95 per person. Usually I would consider this quite pricey but the amount of food was astonishing. 

Starter Plate

After polishing off a plate of starters including fish cakes, crispy seaweed and chicken satay we had a choice of soups. Hot and sour or coconut cream, both with king prawns. I really did like the coconut flavour but with huge chunks of onion and a spicy oil it took a good photo but I couldn’t finish my bowl. We then had a plate of crispy duck and pancakes which is one of my absolute favourites. I could eat Hoi Sin sauce with literally anything. Trust me when I say on chips, it is a joy. We also had a plate of what was called ‘Crying Tiger’ which turned out to be beef. I think the crying bit was the chilli sauce that came with it. Upon dipping in a fingertip to taste my eyes streamed and my nose ran. Super attractive on a night out. By this time we were also loosening our belts from all of the food, and were a bottle of wine down.

King Prawn Coconut Soup

When the main meals came I knew we wouldn’t finish. A plate of egg noodles with chicken and prawns plus sea bass, chicken and duck all in different flavourings came with a side of steamed rice and a fresh bottle of wine. We tucked in with as much gusto as we could manage. 

Our mains

I particularly enjoyed the noodles (these weren’t spicy, phew!) and ate what I could of the rest. All were jam packed with flavour and were nice and saucy to make eating them with the sticky rice a treat. Boy oh boy I had no more stomach space though. I felt bad about the amount we had left and they so offered to box it up for us. Lovely. It may have been a Saturday night but after all the grub I was ready for flopping on the sofa then going to bed. I am just that cool 🤣

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