Two Days Two Takeaways

Wow this past weekend was calorific. It was one of those weekends where all the socialising happens at once, and it all revolves around eating. Friday night with the neighbours involved a curry. Saturday night with the family, a puppy and a birthday boy involved copious amounts of pizza and cake.

The curry was from the Goa Tandoori in Ellesmere Port. We tend to try different takeaways and hadn’t tried this one before, but they delivered and are on the Just Eat app and that’s all we really wanted. We started with poppadoms and dips. These were beautifully fresh and went down a treat. For mains I had ordered a chicken Biryani. This is a rice dish, popular in India, that in this case was served with chicken, sauce and a big fried egg plopped on top. This isn’t what I would normally order and this was an instance where I should have just ordered a tikka masala like I always do. I didn’t particularly enjoy my food which was disappointing.

Poppadoms and dips

On the Saturday night we went all out and ordered a Domino’s pizza. We have had varying levels of quality from them over the years but as a new shop had opened in Little Sutton and there was an offer on, we decided to give it a go. Between the five of us we had and very much enjoyed ‘The Cheeseburger’, a ‘Mighty Meaty’, ‘The Sizzler’ and a half and half make your own with ‘Ranch BBQ’ and ‘Tuna Supreme’. We also had a few boxes of cookies which I was advised to immediately pop in the oven upon delivery. They mucked our delivery up a little by giving it to two separate drivers meaning two of us got pizza and cookies before the others, but it wasn’t a big issue and the second half of the order arrived not long after. The pizzas were hot and mouth watering to look at. All had stuffed crusts which seemed notably short on stuffing but were delicious nonetheless. Putting the cookies in the oven had kept the middles all gooey and oozy and these were a nice treat before I brought out the surprise end to our evening.

A delicious Domino’s

I had made cake! And seen as it was close to Halloween it was a Halloween cake! With a big scary spider on top and a web of marshmallow goodness. No idea if people are interested in recipes but if you are give me a shout and I’ll pop them up. Both for the chocolate cake and the webs. Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! 🕷

Spider Webbed Cakey


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