The Fishpool Inn, Delamere

This welcoming, dog friendly and charming Inn near Delamere Forest in Cheshire is one of our favourites. We have taken friends, family and often visited as a couple with our dog. Sadly we lost our pooch this summer and so haven’t been back in a while. However my sister and her husband recently took on the challenge of puppy-ownership and so this past weekend we took him on his first big adventure.

Ready to eat as always


My husband had booked in advance as people with dogs eat in the bar area where there are less tables, with the main restaurant being on the other side of the building. We were seated quickly, close enough to a roaring fire to feel the heat, but not so close as to make us sweaty and uncomfortable. I love a burning fire when it’s cold outside. Makes me feel cosy.

Anyway, with the dog playing around our ankles drinks and food was ordered. There is always a daily specials menu here with pies and soups of the day, but today all of our food came from the regular menu. With a few other people with dogs by us we were occupied with doggy slobber and puppy cuddles until the grub arrived.

Drinkies and menus


I had chosen a Caesar salad with the addition of a massive chicken breast. Must have been a mutant chicken! The others enjoyed a steak and ale pie, fish and chips and a beef and bacon burger. Every plate was licked clean, and not by the dog!

I know it’s autumn here now, so I had only picked the salad thinking I’d have the desert of crumble and custard (I’m a custard fiend), but by the time my salad was gone I had no room. For once, after we had eaten only our mains, we were done. We packed up the puppy and paid our bill.

From previous experience however, I’d definitely recommend the Cheshire Farm ice cream. Maybe I’ll wait til the summer before I order that again though. It’s freeeeeeeezing.

Caesar salad
Pie and chips

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