A Taste Of Swedish Lapland

A few weeks before Christmas myself and my husband travelled to Luleå in Swedish Lapland, and then onto Brändön in the Gulf of Bothnia. Upon arrival in amongst a foot of snow we were led to our cosy little log cabin that was to be our home for the week. Right on the frozen sea, surrounded by woodland and reindeer, it was a beautiful setting.


Not knowing what to expect, that evening we headed to the last night of the Christmas buffet. Surrounded by locals we piled our plates high with reindeer, wild boar, moose, pork, salads, dips, bread and sweets. Regarding reindeer we had reindeer pie, tongue, sausage and even heart. It was all delicious, though I doubt I would try tongue again in a hurry!

Reindeer Pie

After that first night, meals were set but we were never disappointed. We enjoyed sea char with creamed potato and white wine sauce, moose lasagne that was absolutely beautiful and so rich, lamb chops and lovely soups including potato and mustard each night to start. For deserts there was white chocolate pannacotta, chocolate and coffee cake, meringue cake and the loveliest ginger biscuits.

Moose Lasagne

Every night we finished with a hot chocolate and even enjoyed one whilst ice fishing and northern light watching. It was amazing how, in the middle of nowhere, in the depths of winter, such beautifully fresh food could be produced. I think I thought everything would be pickled or preserved.

Sea Char

A beautiful place with fabulous food, and a fabulous Christmassy experience for us both. I’d eat it all again though I doubt I will be able to find moose in my local supermarket!

Chocolate and Coffee Cake

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